Renovation / Revamping

Looking for a creative home renovation in Coimbatore, you are in the right place. Siddivinayaka is happy to welcome you, and we are happy to renovate your old house into a new one.

A house is the most precious thing in life. However, your house can be, and the Siddivinayaka team is here to help you. We take care of your house as ours, do our best to renovate it, and respect your ideas for home renovation in Coimbatore. Your priority is our first choice of preference. Our team will also give you creative, innovative, and elegant ideas to make your old home new again. Siddivinayaka has experienced, active, and dedicated team members. Your house renovation in Coimbatore will be delivered to you at the right time without delay.

Our Siddivinayaka team is an expert in house renovation in Coimbatore. The team will renovate your house without changing the traditional layout. House renovation is a big challenging thing, but Siddivinayaka will take care of each thing and handle it with care to give you the best-renovated home.

Do you want to renovate a single room? No worries, we are here to do all room renovation without hesitation. We renovate dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, balconies, living rooms, and bathrooms. Whether a whole house or a single room, our work will always be as it is. Siddivinayaka always comes up with budget-friendly packages. Happy homing with Siddivinayaka enterprises.


Old wiring is always dangerous to your house. It may get fire anytime, so your safety is our first need. We will change every electrical line, switch, and wire. The new connections can also be given with new model switches that resist from current shock. A common type of sockets, so it will adopt all kinds of plugs.


The spilling of water will be an irritating thing. We will replace the old taps, showers, etc., Water heaters have become the most needed thing in a home. We will fix the new model of hot and cold tap with your great experience. The damp area will be reconstructed, and old rusted GI pipes will be replaced with new CPVC pipelines.

Civil Work

A complete civil work renovation is done. Your house will be reconstructed as new, with an extension of each room's size. Interior decorations and alterations are done to give an amazing renovation look to your new home. Without demolishing the building, we will do all the civil work.


Doors and windows are the major attention seeking of the home. We will use the latest models of windows with slide openings. So, you can feel the freshness always. Wooden doors are used for a good life and long-lasting effect. Our team will restore your old traditional furniture and woodwork as new without changing the old resemble.

Wood work

We will replace old and damaged wood with a brand-new look with a trendy design in kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms. We make a friendly kitchen with spacious shelves, and replace old hooks, table drawers, etc., with care.


Standard tiles will give a beautiful look to the home, and good quality tiles are used. We replaced both wall and floor tiles. The tiles in the kitchen and bathroom will get damaged and dirty often, so they will be replaced with strong and thick colors. The old marble and mosaics on the living rooms, terrace, pavement, parking, etc., are also replaced.


The main problem is leaking in the house. We will do the best waterproofing for roofs, walls, and bathrooms. So, there will be no leaking issues and stand with extreme rain and hot weather without any dampness in any area of your house. High-quality materials with expert suggestions are considered and used for your house.


The best color combination of paint can be chosen for your house, so it will give an elegant look to the home. The painting will be done with a smooth and fine finish to the ceiling, walls, exterior painting, gates, etc.; the paint is high quality and lasts for a long.


Nowadays, terrace gardens are becoming a trendy culture. We create a terrace garden landscape and make your baron terrace into lush greenery; we bring healthy nature to your doorstep. We provide you with the best garden wall design.