Scientific approach towards Vaastu

Science- Behind the Vaastu

Do you ever believe in Vaastu? I think most of us are not. But we believe in science which shows a proven theory. Do you think that Vaastu approaches science?

Vaastu is nothing but a metaphysical science. The science in that Vaastu calculates rainfall, sunrise, and sunset to figure out the ideal way to construct a house. It is a logical explanation of scientific truths and facts. It is a science that combines the five elements of nature. The five elements (energies) are Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Sky. The five energies are related to our senses of smell, taste, hearing, touch, and sight. These natural energies help in balancing human life, bring harmony, and aim towards drawing cosmic energy into one’s life.

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Vaastu in People Life

As a science of architecture, the principles of Vaastu determine the guidelines of construction. It balances the energies of nature in the building. Before starting the construction work of the building most people follow the rules, formulas, and patterns related to Vaastu. Vaastu accepts that there are two sorts of powers; one kind of power is unobtrusive and fine. The other is dim and thick. We can call the first positive and the other negative. The association of these two powers delivers the third sort of power called Bio-Force. Both the positive and negative vibes flowing through a structure affect our peace of mind and smooth functioning. Living unnatural life leads to all the suffering of people. Vaastu accomplishes the positive vibrations and energy inflow within houses, which leads to an environment of absolute success, peace, and good health.

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